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Porsche 912

Designed for Legends

Porsche 912

Designed for Legends

Celebrating an unsung hero

Forever in the shadow of the 911, Porsche company archives suggest the entry-level 912 has a more significant standing in the company history than previously known. It’s undeniable sporty character is deserving of wide acclaim.

When it first went on the production line the 912 wasn’t meant to fill a void in the market. It’s sole purpose at the time was to bridge the gap between the 356 and the 911. But the entry-level model actually ended up saving the company from financial ruin.

We at Original 912 Racing Club are equally passionate and we want to bring 912 fans even greater appreciation for the car by sharing its rich history.

«Finally another car you can really feel under your behind.»

Jimmy Clark

Racecar Driver

«The 912‘s uses the same undercarriage as the 911 – making the four-cylinder considerably lighter. That’s one reason the 912 really moves.»

Lars Schmidt

Member of the board

«The 912 purpose: make a fast, affordable travel car.»

Ferry Porsche

Engineer & car designer

The Story of Porsche 912

The production gap between the 356 and the 911 was taking longer than expected. So Ferry Porsche ordered the factory 1965 to build a 911 light-version, the 912. The newest model in the Porsche line-up, combined the body and undercarriage of the 911 with the impeccable engineering of the 356 motor.

From 1965 through 1969 over 30,000 cars were built. The 912 helped lift the company out of difficult financial times and as such is critical chapter in 911 history.

Later, in 1975, when the American market was transitioning between the 914 and the 924, the 912 reappeared briefly as the 912E and went on sale for one year only.


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